The Ultimate User Experience


I style myself as a success coach. I am. Usually. For at least half of my waking hours though, I’m a mom, a daughter, a buddy, a helper, a driver, handyman, researcher, cook, carer…. the list is quite long. Chances are you have a similar list that is not on your cv either. Life eh? So what is your user experience of life like?

My clients hire me because they want to have that ultimate user experience.  A success story that can make the cover of Forbes. That luxe lifestyle that is portrayed in magazines and television shows is what they say they want. The reality is often that user experience can only be optimised if the mind is in the right state to understand what optimisation means in the individual context. This can be boiled down to the elements of quality, accessibility and freedom of choice regardless of what their eventual choice may turn out to be.

Creating a quality lifestyle, having access to the resources to do so and the freedom to enjoy it, should be at the top of all of our bucket lists. If we could be as fussy about our quality of life as we are about the quality of our internet speed or car interiors, success is well within reach.

The practice of successful living involves taking charge of the mind, so that you are fully present to current experience and it’s inherent opportunity. It is the actualisation of the idea of living in a well managed body so that you are living with access to a lifestyle that brings you joy through purposeful movement. Successful living means that you are strong enough in self knowledge that you practice freedom as a lifestyle, regardless of what your ideal of freedom is.

User experience models have been applied to websites, apps and restaurants and gadgets of all types. It’s high time we applied the same standards to our actual day to day living.  If you do a review of your UX- where are you rated on a scale of 1-10 (with 1 being unsatisfactory and 10 being perfect)?

Is this your real truth?

About Fiona

A Success Coach determined to 10x the UX of natural high performers, so that they can add more precious innovation and leadership to a planet that could use more happy people. Contact her via to optimise your success lifestyle.