The Other F Word


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Two words- One you are feeling right now, as you scroll through social media today. Wondering what the new year will bring, the economy, your career , your family… You may be bored, tired, frustrated… no it’s not that F word. It’s FEAR. While you were reading the headline, you may have thought of a few words, many of them unkind, many of them not tasting of what you want in 2016.

The other F word is FLOURISH.

I sat with a client this morning and we worked through a powerful transformative process in the power of the word and sensory vocabulary that make up your lens of perception.  In short- what you say and how you feel, make up the way that you will interpret your takeaway from anything that you experience.

While folks are putting up lovely inspirational sayings on their facebook, twitter instagram and even here on LinkedIn….. I wonder, how many of them actually feel what they are posting. Do they really believe it will be the best year ever? Do they believe that miraculously at midnight, people will be kinder, more focused, and less flaky? Will the parties be genuine celebrations or will they be expected rituals? I wonder.

To FLOURISH, means to have the access to thinking that supports your ambitions. It means the ability to navigate your emotions and be self aware enough to grow through each experience at a faster and faster rate- so that all you do in the new year is respond. Reaction is always fear based. When you are in a flourishing state- you responses are nothing short of visionary.

When we choose FEAR- there will be no Happy New Year– there is only the same result you have always had. Go back to the end of the queue, you have put yourself last again. You can only get what you want if you want it badly enough to go ahead despite the fear, and no amount of inspirational quotes will get you the life you should be having.

My wish for you all is to have a Flourishing New Year. A year alive with possibility not because you wish it so, but because you make it so with the right tools and guidance. A year that pushes you so far out of your comfort zone that you become a remarkable innovator.

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Intent on working with future visionary leaders, who may feel like  little saplings now, but are reaching for the sun with such determination that they are the future mighty oaks.  For a conversation on your vision, . We will unpack, draw and direct your plan of action to make your vision reality.