Stop Romanticising the Hustle

The hustle

Work harder. Do more. Push further. HUSTLE. Huge goals, flash parties, glitz, doing anything to make a buck…. wait, wha?

I see young people being drawn into the glamour of the hustle, shoulders pulled down gangsta style, giving you the proud side eye. It’s a cool thing, a desired state. Why? Looking through the various definitions of the word none of them are very flattering. Doing “anything” to make money; activities that border on illegal; and outdated dance from the 70’s… a “hustler” was someone who often disguised his/her skill in order to win at games of pool and poker. Street savvy? Yes. Trustworthy? Hell no.

I admire a good work ethic. Emulating a mentor who works efficiently and does the necessary to achieve a goal is commendable. That however is not hustling. Being a hustler tells me that your plan has tunnel vision and a quick fix aspect. Open yourself to the possibility that there are many ways to achieve a goal. Romanticising the hustle allows the option to skirt around the edges and not walk through the door of opportunity when it opens.

So how do you move out of hustle mode? Get planning. Get networking. Start serving rather than chasing the dollar. Move into flow, where there is no hustle, by eating right, sleeping right and living right. Get your brain in the game. Success has never been purely about making money. A successful lifestyle honours family, community, and self- money is usually the happy byproduct that enables a greater contribution this and to humanity.

Time to step away from the bravado of the hustle and into a practical system that actually works? Probably.

How can coaching help you? Get clear on your real goals. Develop a plan using your existing skillset and resources to get you there. Teach you the methods to have confidence without bravado, and polish your brand.