How to Set Goals that actually Materialise : Recording available

Podcast- How to set Goals that Materialise

By popular demand- A LIVE REBROADCAST tonight February 9th 7:30PM (GMT+2)  – Register here



Achieving your goals starts with setting the right ones.
No, sorry- I don’t have a formula for you here. I’m being cheeky and inviting you to join in on an online webinar on this exact topic.

I’ve spent the week doing mini masterclasses with groups of entrepreneurs on how to set those resonating goals that create the impetus and momentum in your life to make materialising your goals much more achievable.

Spend an hour with me online on Monday the 8th of February at 7:30 pm (GMT+2) and let’s get you clear on what your goals are. If you have already decided- join me anyway, so that we can establish how clear you are on the plan to make your goals happen.