Why going it alone does not serve you.

wolf-142173_640With Beyonce’s Independant Woman playing in the back of my mind- This post is not just aimed at the ladies.

Lone wolf , I’m looking at you. Independance is great, but thinking partners are better. They bring a fresh perspective on issues, ask questions you hadn’t thought of asking and sometimes, just the presence of others looking at you to finish the race with them, is enough.

With social pressure to perform and the judgement of strangers- Of course this can be a very difficult thing to be vulnerable with others. Masterminds change this dynamic. A group of like minded peers who get together for the express purpose of authentic connection and brainstorming makes for an environment that both supports the ambition of a high performer while supporting their vulnerability as well.

What makes a good MasterMind? They’re intimate, regular meets, curated with care and facilitated for an express purpose. The goal should always be kept at the forefront with powerful leadership holding the group on point.

Why can’t I do this alone? I read books, watch videos- why should I pay to be part of a mastermind? The answer is pretty simple, You enter a mastermind for an experience of yourself in interaction with your peers. In a “room” be it live or virtual, you are “surrounded”. There are no blind spots, and unpacking a topic happens from more perspectives than just yours. The energy of a group intent on a common purpose will always be more powerful than that of an individual, no matter how determined.

Evolutionary solutions to big challenges do not occur in isolation. Are you ready to be part of an evolutionary solution? Join a MasterMind.

About Fiona

Fiona is a coach currently working on her list of brilliant for 2016. Top of this list is to connect with high achievers. If you are a top achiever who needs to be challenged, say hi at Fiona@Justonepercent.co.za