Searching for a great escape, or a great quality of life?

I’m not taking a December break this year. Shocking right? Turns out, it occurred to me that I don’t need to be on holiday when every restaurant and bar is packed, shops are a nightmare to navigate, and parking means circling the lot six times to get a spot.  We’ve booked our holiday for February.

Since choosing myself as a priority, my health is great, I’m not exhausted and desperate for a holiday, and I have spent enough quality time with my daughter not to have any (working mother ) guilt. Not all my clients are so fortunate. How do you feel on this last week before Christmas? Do you really really need that drink/holiday/break?

Is your holiday time spent cramming as much activity in to make up for the year’s deficits that you are still busy running errands, dressing up/down networking(parties) drinking and otherwise trying to blend in? Are the kids driving you nuts with their demands for the newest and most advertised Christmas gifts? Would you rather be back at work so that you can have a rest?

My offer to you is this– because I used to be you. I worked too hard with no concrete why and little gratification. I sacrificed myself often and completely, thinking it noble. Nobody noticed. Nobody cared. I burnt out. Hard.

Invitation (1)

I’m hosting a limited number of no obligation coaching sessions next week and after in Cape Town and over Skype. If you want a better quality of life, call me. make a booking and let’s chat about your context and where you would like the next year to take you. Allow me to share with you how you too can have a life you don’t need to escape from, that is healthy, fulfilling and makes you happy.

About Fiona

I’m serious about getting happiness infused into more top performers. The Science of Successful living made simple is a methodology that is based in neuroscience and biochemistry, and gives phenomenal results mentally emotionally and physically for a 360 recalibration for success and happiness.  Contact me on fiona@justonepercent.co.za – Limited time slots available – BOOK NOW.

What is your purpose?

What are You willing to do to Grow?acorn-1030819_1280

Work hard. Get a plan. Have a process. Use good tools. Create a support system. None of this is rocket science and you can find this knowledge in any number of high end online courses and self help books. So why the low commitment of many who want to make use of self help products?

What is the actual work of growth? What makes coaching /books/prefab courses work for some and not others? My theory is based on my experience and those that I have personally witnessed. There is an image of an acorn in this link. Therein lies the secret. The acorn by it’s very form and identity is committedthrough it’s sole purpose, the only reason that it is in existence- to become a great oak tree. 100% committed. It doesn’t lie in wait for an opportunity for any other activity except to grow.

Humans are a little more complex. We grow up with scripts. We learn bad habits that need to be reprogrammed. We develop limiting belief systems. We accept defeat far too easily. We hesitate to believe in our ability to succeed and gain positive results. The Oak Tree knows that in order for trees to grow in different areas and have a great chance, it’s seeds have to be buried and spread far out from under it’s own shade. The seeds are spread by animals eating them, and storing a cache for later. So it gives up part of its precious season’s work to the squirrels. A necessary investment for long term propagation.

The little nut that gets buried for next season finds opportunity in sun warmed soil, never questions it’s purpose and sets forward in growth.  It does not hesitate under the right conditions. It does not forecast for storms, or fires, wars or drought, it merely sets forth growth with purpose.

Potential +Purpose+ Opportunity via positioning and Investment with total Commitment.  What stops you from growth?

About Fiona

Once a little nut just like you, Fiona is a success coach and consultant, coaching  individuals hungry for a life full of opportunity optimised, freedom gained and happiness spread. Do you want to explore your opportunities for optimum growth? www.justonepercent.co.za 

Webinar : Taking Action and overcoming the top three blocks

Tis the season to be procrastinating. Does it really mean that our whole schedule needs to shut down for 2 months? If like 99% of the world’s population you or someone you know has difficulty taking action, this is the webinar for you.
Register at https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/2100947188962214657 and join me on Thursday where we talk about the top three blocks to successful action and how to overcome them.


The Inspiration Station

Just One Percent was inspired by my amazing students that I have had the honour of mentoring for the past few years. As a trained coach working in the non-profit and government sector of social development, I realized that so many young people who on exiting university had to really grapple with the everyday challenges of entering the real adult world of work and independent living.

I thought, if I could write a survival guide to my 23 year old self, what would it be? I had just finished a mentoring session where I said to my group, “If you just did one percent of this every day with dedication and enthusiasm you would master all of it in a hundred days!” So One Percent was started. This is not a self-help book, it’s a gateway lifestyle improvement guide to kickstart self improvement. It details one hundred steps in ten key areas of your life for all round development.  We aim to produce One Percent Guides to a large range of topics, starting with the ten sections found in Just One Percent Changes for Success.

I’m convinced that if you are willing to meet a life coach halfway at the right stage in your life, you will be sufficiently empowered to be confidently responsible for the rest of your life. A good coach teaches you how to believe in yourself, make empowered decisions and find joy in every moment.