Free Budgeting tool for 2017

Don't be caught eating noodles because you ran out of money.

Don’t be caught eating noodles because you ran out of money.

Spending season has passed and the harsh reality of 2017 may just be setting in. School fees, electricity hikes, fuel prices.  A basic budget should be in everyone’s toolkit.

Download this free spreadsheet by clicking on the link below as our gift to you. May this year bring you joy, prosperity and greater focus on how to contribute positively to the world.

My Budget 2017  


Find your Fire. Get Lit.


IMG_20160821_073611Fire. It has many temperatures, colours, and manifestations all under the same name, FIRE. Likewise motivation comes in many forms;You have free content which inevitably leaves out the real learning and serves to ignite the spark of self development. Then there is the delivery of said content, just like the picture of fire does not warm cold hands, looking at motivational quotes all day is sadly not going to help your cause.

Putting on a sharp suit and instagramming with fifteen hashtags, is not going to help your cause. Attending a hundred mixers and network events, is not going to help your cause.

What will further your chance of success further than anything else is passionate self belief. This is not a pretty spark or instagrammable image. This is made up of years of dedicated self development and the absolute commitment to your huge crazy goal. this is the log that burns long and slow, sustaining the fire. Catch a wake up and catch it fast. The world is in need to rapidly evolving business specialists, who are able to innovate and IMPLEMENT sustainable solutions to impending global crises. Could this be you? If you are still playing small expecting a self help book and free online marketing content to sustain you, catch a wake up.

We get to where we are, by routinely practising the disciplines of excellence. This is a real way of being. A way of walking the talk and living the language of success. While the idea of success varies from person to person, the work and steps to get there remain largely consistent with the same qualities of dedication and effort applied.  This fire has to burn inside you and be fed with the right everything to keep going.

Motivational is rapidly becoming a cheap word in the industry, where the thrills are fast and easy. If you want lasting success, with long term legacy building and an effective strategy tailored to you, then the fire under your rear end that a one hour talk sparked will not do. Real commitment creates champions.

Choose your fire.

Are you Walking on Broken Glass?

I have the privilege of coaching in a variety of different contexts. Once recently in a township based food garden project, my attention was drawn to the amount of broken glass in the soil. On questioning the gardener, as we interrogated his business plan and strategy, it worried me that this one aspect had been overlooked. Observing that the earlier beds were still peppered with dangerous looking shards, and that the more recent beds seemed on the surface smoother, it seemed that the glass was not an immediate priority. I asked him about it, and he showed me cuts on his hands. So the glass had made an impact on his ability to work. Yet the shards remained in the pathways and in the first few beds that had been established. Suggesting that this was a hazard that could create liability costs for him merely brought agreement. The glass remained. I then suggested how to get rid of it and remove it, including the use of protective gear to do so. He brightened and agreed that it sounded feasible that the beds could be made safer.

My internal question was this:

  • Why was removing the glass not a priority?
  1. Was the gardener so accustomed to hardship and difficulty that the glass was merely one more to endure?
  2. Did the glass become so much a part of the environment that it had not stood out as dangerous even when the gardener cut his hand?
  3. On cutting himself, did the gardener still feel powerless to change his situation through what seemed to an outsider to be logical action?
  4. Why was the gardeners personal discomfort so low on his priority list?

My questions to you:

  1. What is your broken glass?
  2. What hardship have you become numbed and accustomed to?
  3. What difficulty are you stepping over and around rather than removing?
  4. Do you believe that you have the personal power to change your life?

If you are tired of walking on broken glass- contact me to discuss a solution for you.

Why going it alone does not serve you.

wolf-142173_640With Beyonce’s Independant Woman playing in the back of my mind- This post is not just aimed at the ladies.

Lone wolf , I’m looking at you. Independance is great, but thinking partners are better. They bring a fresh perspective on issues, ask questions you hadn’t thought of asking and sometimes, just the presence of others looking at you to finish the race with them, is enough.

With social pressure to perform and the judgement of strangers- Of course this can be a very difficult thing to be vulnerable with others. Masterminds change this dynamic. A group of like minded peers who get together for the express purpose of authentic connection and brainstorming makes for an environment that both supports the ambition of a high performer while supporting their vulnerability as well.

What makes a good MasterMind? They’re intimate, regular meets, curated with care and facilitated for an express purpose. The goal should always be kept at the forefront with powerful leadership holding the group on point.

Why can’t I do this alone? I read books, watch videos- why should I pay to be part of a mastermind? The answer is pretty simple, You enter a mastermind for an experience of yourself in interaction with your peers. In a “room” be it live or virtual, you are “surrounded”. There are no blind spots, and unpacking a topic happens from more perspectives than just yours. The energy of a group intent on a common purpose will always be more powerful than that of an individual, no matter how determined.

Evolutionary solutions to big challenges do not occur in isolation. Are you ready to be part of an evolutionary solution? Join a MasterMind.

About Fiona

Fiona is a coach currently working on her list of brilliant for 2016. Top of this list is to connect with high achievers. If you are a top achiever who needs to be challenged, say hi at

The Perfect Gift

All I want for Christmas is YOU!


In 2016, my wish for you is this:

  • I wish for you to have a lifestyle that makes you happy- in whatever form this might take.
  • I wish for you to have more faith in your powerful potential and the real impact that you can make on the world.
  • I wish for you to have good health and the stamina and grace to accomplish that which makes you happy.
  • I wish for you to feel supported, valued and cared for.
  • I wish for you to have a greater control over your mind to be the powerful creator that you are.
  • I wish for you to understand that it is up to you to be the agent of change in your life, and be happy to take back your power.
  • I wish for you to be in a state of flow for 2016, that you understand how to easily navigate life’s little hiccups.
  • I wish for passion, adventure, joy and good health to be in abundant supply to you and all you hold dear.

Be Blessed Dear Reader,  you have an unlimited fountain of power within you. may you always have the crinkly eye smile that gives you goosebumps because you realise how much you have to be thankful for.

About Fiona

A lifestyle success coach in Cape Town, Fiona will be spending this festive season with her busiest clients who finally have a day to themselves – developing their action plans, goals and teaching them all the key skills they need to be fabulous in 2016. Limited spots are still available for VIP Success Acceleration Days in early January. 

Stop Romanticising the Hustle

The hustle

Work harder. Do more. Push further. HUSTLE. Huge goals, flash parties, glitz, doing anything to make a buck…. wait, wha?

I see young people being drawn into the glamour of the hustle, shoulders pulled down gangsta style, giving you the proud side eye. It’s a cool thing, a desired state. Why? Looking through the various definitions of the word none of them are very flattering. Doing “anything” to make money; activities that border on illegal; and outdated dance from the 70’s… a “hustler” was someone who often disguised his/her skill in order to win at games of pool and poker. Street savvy? Yes. Trustworthy? Hell no.

I admire a good work ethic. Emulating a mentor who works efficiently and does the necessary to achieve a goal is commendable. That however is not hustling. Being a hustler tells me that your plan has tunnel vision and a quick fix aspect. Open yourself to the possibility that there are many ways to achieve a goal. Romanticising the hustle allows the option to skirt around the edges and not walk through the door of opportunity when it opens.

So how do you move out of hustle mode? Get planning. Get networking. Start serving rather than chasing the dollar. Move into flow, where there is no hustle, by eating right, sleeping right and living right. Get your brain in the game. Success has never been purely about making money. A successful lifestyle honours family, community, and self- money is usually the happy byproduct that enables a greater contribution this and to humanity.

Time to step away from the bravado of the hustle and into a practical system that actually works? Probably.

How can coaching help you? Get clear on your real goals. Develop a plan using your existing skillset and resources to get you there. Teach you the methods to have confidence without bravado, and polish your brand.