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What Women Want – on News24

I was recently part of the ongoing What Women Want Campaign with Media 24 and The Voices Club, where we discussed what it is exactly that women want.

Here are the videos below.



Facebook instructions 3

How to see your favourite pages in your facebook news feed

Facebook has made changes again, this time for the better. I’ve missed so many updates from my favourite newsfeeds and brands, so I am quite excited that there is a simple way to optimise it again.

Here you go –

Tab the settings button and select News Feed Preferences

 facebook instructions


Next, Find the page you would like to see updates from. You can see only 30, so choose carefully.

Facebook instructions screen 2


Then, drop down the menu and select See First

Facebook instructions 3

Save your settings! Now you will be able to see your favourite page updates!

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The Inspiration Station

Just One Percent was inspired by my amazing students that I have had the honour of mentoring for the past few years. As a trained coach working in the non-profit and government sector of social development, I realized that so many young people who on exiting university had to really grapple with the everyday challenges of entering the real adult world of work and independent living.

I thought, if I could write a survival guide to my 23 year old self, what would it be? I had just finished a mentoring session where I said to my group, “If you just did one percent of this every day with dedication and enthusiasm you would master all of it in a hundred days!” So One Percent was started. This is not a self-help book, it’s a gateway lifestyle improvement guide to kickstart self improvement. It details one hundred steps in ten key areas of your life for all round development.  We aim to produce One Percent Guides to a large range of topics, starting with the ten sections found in Just One Percent Changes for Success.

I’m convinced that if you are willing to meet a life coach halfway at the right stage in your life, you will be sufficiently empowered to be confidently responsible for the rest of your life. A good coach teaches you how to believe in yourself, make empowered decisions and find joy in every moment.